2 Jun 2013

Saying Hi to June

It's JUNE 
Guess half of the year just gone and appraisal is coming soon too
Too many things had happened throughout the month
so let keep praying there are more excitement will be coming soon

Just some random pictures from the past few months
photos are from my new phone so not really old pictures from past few months
Powder on and be pretty in office

or getting crazy in my working place
to keep my job lively 

Fatty bom bom birthday!
Surprise but no surprise

Meeting celebrities
Hannah Tan so pretty ^o^

Going for free concert

Fashion show with beauty queen

with my partner in crime
Grumpy Cat

My new story book collection~ hehe
okok, it's the story book from FatSpoon (nice macaroni soup)

with my travel-mate and surprise birthday party !

Can't left out Mother's Day
Love you Eomma

Opps, the darkest day in Malaysia
505 but past is past
let hope and work for a better future

Trip to Singapore
an expensive country if you don't earn currency from there

Had the best MACARON!
no need to go Paris for Laduree now

I am not rich, this is for friend birthday
TWG high tea

Found her from Lost and Found
Ice Queen from Faraway Land

and crazying with your old friend
I'm not that old

and more foods and fatty tummy

opps, that's all for now
Let meet again when I'm free
there are 4 new stores opening soon

9 May 2013

The Merlion City Part 1

Need to distract myself from the darkest day in Malaysia
so gonna blog about Singapore
A country which was part of Malaysia
I think it's better for them when they become an independent story
Ok, enough of the dark story

Let see more pictures
We on river cruise!!

Ok, kinda expected the Milo river and busy city
so not that impressing on the river part
Shop in front of Clarke Quay Singapore
I like all the colourful shop there
I understand if you all feel the pictures above is terrible
forgive me please, the first day we went there it was super hazy!!

The in-famous Merlion!!
I look dark here =(

We skip this part cause the boat don't stop and let you go snap pictures!
The river cruise is really nothing but it comes together with our Garden by the Bay package
Marina Bay Sands
I know, it look ugly and don't even feel like want to go up
Our pretty face
and the kind boat driver drop us near to Garden by the Bay
so we just walk over, every where in Singapore is in walking distance

Totally feel sad cause all those pictures look cloudy
Panaroma view, wee^^
That the Singapore Flyer!! 
Opps, where?? neh, there~ hidden

The amazing avatar tree, they light up in the dark
Don't think these trees are just for decoration purposes
Below these amazing trees, they are creating sustainable cycles in energy and waters
You can visit this link for info and entrance fees
walking around the bay is free but if you want to walk up to the trees, you have to pay
Will continue more in the Flower Dome and Cloud Forest

This post is still dark and gloomy

27 Apr 2013

Makeup for making up with for a boy?

Heard on radio today that they are discussing the topic above..
I am so so so tempted to call the number and voice out my opinion
but I am running on a treadmill that time (excuse)

  1. The male host mentioned he prefer girl with no makeup at all, the pure heart would be the most important. Girls don't have to makeup to come out on a dates or  just to impressed the boyfriend.
    Hey, come on! Do you think people even recognise and know your heart from the moment they see you. I don't judge a book by it's cover but at least the written synopsis have to be interesting enough for me the hold the book for 1 minute and consider buying it.

    I believe Mr.host is kinda confuse with light makeup and heavy night club make up, just like what the Ms.host mentioned "Light make-up is a kind of respect, to you and your bf". *thumbs up*
    No one would ask you to come out with dark eyeshadow and make people think that you are going for halloween party. Simple makeup is good enough to show you respect the dates you are going and your bf as well

    You think everyone can transform herself like this?
    I dare you!

    For me it's fair to say no need to have heavy makeup, and I am not doing this for my bf (still single). I love makeup as it is a part of an art or skills that I have. Doing it during dates is respect for myself and my bf too. Don't tell me you don't mind if your bf come for a date in sweaty and mushy clothes.

    Yeah, appealing enough for a date (sorry, he came up from Google, doesn't mean to embarrassed him)

  2. A lady who is divorced agreed that we don't have to makeup daily and waste time on makeup as guys   will still look for a fresher and a newer lady (talk about heart again)

    Sorry gal, sad to hear about your divorce. I am not sure why your husband left or whatever the reasons are, it is not fair to say if I makeup my husband also left me so why I have to makeup.

    Definitely a married couple would need to see the pure heart of each other, and I definitely know your husband didn't had any makeup on and you can see his heart purely. So why blaming it on makeup? Will a girl heart can be seen when there is no make up on? Is makeup faking up her heart or she herself is making herself fake?

    3. I can come out fresh in the morning and go to work. No make up need to impress anyone.
    Congratulations! You indeed a beauty since you are in your mom womb and how about joining Miss Universe. I am not saying this to be sarcastic, who doesn't want to enjoy her own pretty face without any help from anything.

    You think she want to draw her eyebrow daily if she has a better brow or sticking her eyes wide like goldfish eye if she has double eyelid? (That a bit too over of makeup, I agree on that)
    she has her flaw and she accepted that, but to enhance her features makeup do help to give her confidence.

    I bet guys wont even look at her with her bare face, don't even talk about getting a bf and makeup daily to keep him by her side. If the guy can accept her as who she then bravo! but whether she keeping the makeup on or off is her decision.

    4. Waste money and waste time.
    Simple enough, do you feel you waste money buying toothpaste and toothbrush?
    You can always use salt or have some rotten teeth.

    Makeup nowadays is not about keeping the bf, it is making yourself presentable and respect yourself.
    You yourself has to start appreciating yourself and loving makeup is not a crime
    I stay real even when I had make up on so don't judge me by my make up
    Sorry future-bf, I makeup for myself and not for the sake of keeping you.

24 Apr 2013

I make roses

If I die young, bury me in satin
Lay me down on a, bed of roses
Sink me in the river, at dawn
Send me away with the words of a love song
Most women would dream of lying on a bed of roses
but definitely not dying young
so let's YOLO
(new word I learned, you only live once)

So I makes roses for myself and live myself like a free bird
It doesn't matter how others look at you, it is all about how you look at yourself

Don't be scared of being alone and enjoying the super show of your awesome life

Don't be afraid to show who you are
( Don't smoke if you can, that is just a props)

Make yourself visible and rule the world Princesses!

Wear your invincible crown and strut your pose
Keep your heels, head & standard high!

29 Mar 2013

Korea Street Food Guide-list 102

Gonna continue with my second post on korean street food
This is to share my bad experience on korean food
definitely not all korean restaurant provide AWESOME food

This round of korean food is at Dubu-Dubu, Mid Valley
and the experience is terribly bad

You can check their menu here
I tried their jigae cause they have some cute recipe to enjoy the jigae
and they offer few level of spiciness 
in case you're the mild lil lady
as for me the wild type, I took the top spicy level jigae

they also have chicken and beef broth if some of you doesn't take beef
plus point for them

Service side
lots of customers and service was slow, so you can imagine how slow the foods are served
Time for some food show
I like the purple rice as it look much more appetizing 
(Ko Hyang Korean Country Delights has the same rice too, gonna review that next time)

The jigae come with the purple rice and 3 side dishes
Big bean sprouts, kim chi and french bean (depends on that day varieties)
Their kim chi is not bad too, kinda like it

Look at my happy unhappy face
the first sip I drink that jigae,
feel like drinking plain water ah! no saltiness, no spicyness and nothing
I ordered beef top level spicy jigae and it was so so disappointing.

I don't know it is because of many customers or I'm unlucky
or the chef just forgot to add salt?
the whole food journey, I have to ask for soy sauce and dip everything in soy sauce
it became soy sauce jigae
our happy face before the food come

Oh, before I forget
even the aloe drinks I ordered also taste so bland
forget the sugar maybe??

22 Mar 2013

Korean Street Food Guide-list 101

I love korean street food!!
Toppokki, bibimbap, kimbap, or jjigae
So this post is kinda of the korean street food review that I tried before
good and bad~

Let's start with something good
This is a chicken bibimbap from Bulgogi Brothers, which is from the same family of Italiannies, TGI Friday's and Watami
As you know, BB (Bulgogi Brothers not Big Bang) is more on the exclusive restaurant type
so the bibimbap definitely has more ingredients and toppings.

So more ingredients mean higher price too
but the price is worth to pay for me
They even have an after-meal drink for you
Plum tea juice which good for digestion and service is good
 (they provide you place to keep your haul of the day)
I would say their jjigae or korean stew is the best I had till now!!
the taste is thick and spicy enough which make you couldn't stop drinking compared to those watery soup out there..chinese says "watery like your pee pee"

But they have limited choices on the snack food, more on the BBQ meat
and one very veryy verrryy important point would be the kimchi!!
A lil disappointed with their kimchi, it was those commercial kimchi
where you can buy from Jusco or Carrefour

I prefer those with more homemade taste XD
but their jjigaae really would make up the blah~ kimchi
a lil pricey, service good and food is not bad too

would love to try their grilled meat next time
ann-yeong chingu~

15 Mar 2013

Addicted with Smartphone

My time of bad habits would be biting on your nails or watching tv and not eating dinner
but the most serious bad habits to kids nowadays is addicted to smart phone
and I'm part of the "kids" group too
so I am part of this bad habit now

I slowly found out (which I think it been happen for quite long)
I am really addicted to my phone
I should start calling my phone darling or baby soon
he can be my part-time BF for now

Some more with all the apps, he totally can be the perfect BF
he is a plastic surgeon which can make me pretty with all the skin softening skills
he can tweet with you 24/7 non-stop without making you bored
he make you happy when you sees the number of likes in Instagram
and obviously he don't mind if you chat with other girls in Wechat
and he won't cheat on you of course!

and my good BF been affecting me in the office
I love you so much that I can't leave him alone for too long
and not only me, almost all of my colleagues is playing working with their phone too
we really work, cause we need to Whatapps with our colleagues in store
any automatically the naughty fingers will linger on other buttons

and the feeling of getting caught by your boss of doing other things than work
is so so bad..
like a kid stealing a candy
not like I'm playing candy crush there, instagram maybe...

definitely not something easy to achieve
need some determination
maybe finish certain works then only can keep in touch with my lovely phone
or every hours once

definitely a hardcore habits that need to be kick away..
but who is not addicted to love~
you're purely for entertainment purposes, boyfie
no more office hours~